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tv   Headline News  RT  February 27, 2013 10:00am-10:28am EST

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chuck hagel narrowly wins u.s. senate approval to become the new defense secretary but his policies draw fire from capitol hill especially among his own fellow republicans. italy upsets the austerity apple cart its voters say no to more cuts leave parliament in turmoil raising fears that the country's political crisis will negatively impact the eurozone. how is this for a minor traffic in france the shocking video posted by a russian couple of their eight year old daughter driving and dangerous speeds. it's seven pm here in moscow ten am in washington you're watching archie with me and he says now only chuck hagel is now officially the u.s.
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defense secretary but only after being narrowly approved by the senate he's been under fire from fellow republicans for his past criticism of the iraq war and the israeli lobby with some believing he could also be too soft on iran it's also just two days before billions of dollars in budget cuts are scheduled to hit the military has a can now on the clash on capitol hill. chuck hagel was confirmed by the senate fifty eight votes for forty one vote against a narrow vote as you can see if he can find a movie ball that apologizing and repenting behind and he had to do a lot of that to get the job has been working very hard to tailor his views so as to please congress as a senator chuck hagel allowed himself to oppose the surge in iraq or to criticize israel's policies to oppose seeing war with iran as an option but as the president's nominee for the defense secretary position he backtracked on much of what he had said before and did it as as even his supporters noted in
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a rather clumsy way but in a way that showed how much he wanted the job and the whole confirmation process including the attack campaign against him including the filibuster ten days ago showed how intolerant the u.s. congress is of alternative thought on foreign policy ten days ago the senators knew quite well that chuck hagel would eventually be confirmed but they chose to block the vote as many say just to make a point president obama certainly knew that chuck hagel confirmation process would not go as smoothly as say john kerry's but he nominated him anyway it looks like president obama too wanted to make a point this is his last term he doesn't have to think about getting reelected and it is a good time for him to make a point by the end of his first term the degree of warmongering in washington has escalated and we should the point where even the president said there's too much work talking going on now mandating chuck hagel could be his way over bringing it down a notch the president is also quite aware of the general war fatigue in the country
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but the u.s. congress doesn't seem to have that same war fatigue this chuck hagel confirmation hearing showed quite to the contrary never too tired for war it seems one more thing it's saying important to point out here chuck hagel as defense secretary lew not be in a position to generate policies is there to fulfill the president's policies probably his main job will be managing the budget the biggest military budget in the world and figuring out where to make cuts but most of the questions senators asked during his confirmation hearing were about policies which is really not going to be in his field of work anyway. we'll get another new face in american politics make a difference in syria u.s. secretary of state john kerry has signaled washington's readiness to support the syrian rebels ahead of thursday's so-called friends of syria meeting in rome live now to dr ali mohamad editor in chief of the syria tribune online magazine thank you for being with us john kerry says this time will be different he's pledging
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more support to syrian rebels how much aid. the real question should be home which he has listened to what more can the u.s. and its allies give to the rebels they are giving them a home you mean every country and they are giving them free passes to live from neighboring countries they're giving them even though the u.s. but look at approx he's already you know proxies they are giving them. all kinds of explosives and i'm willing to go to that mission what more can you offer. why don't you try to answer that for us what do you think kerry means by more support than what i think mr kerry is trying to prepare the coalition for the next step which should be they all now if he thinks that by giving them more even more political ignition and promising their support will they probably would push them for a better but i mean this for they have used definitely is fake and the thing is the
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utility you know that they were the only way out of anything else is trying to do so we can do it on your action well he himself john kerry says the u.s. is seeking ways to speed up a political transition in syria admitting that time has passed quote for president also to leave power how can we. analyze these words time has passed since he's saying that the u.s. in the west has given him enough time to leave does that mean that perhaps we could see more pressure for regime change. and you know they have been putting a lot of pressure for this change and they buy them so they don't get not change based on that they have tried every possible way including mr obama to more than a year ago and this did not work mr kerry things that he has a magic solution that we can move in rather than push him to leave power which is.
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known to us we don't know what he means by that but i assure you it would also enough work what was the you know he needs to do is to give a clear and. it's only fair you know this is the way it is actually the coalition that has the president. creative should understand this and this is the only message that's giving any it's going to get this only dialogue method has been a something that russia certainly has been pushing for from the beginning why the change of heart in washington from a pressure. from the type of action we saw taken in libya and other arab spring countries much more involvement than we've seen at least out front in syria what has made the difference why have they changed their stance. will there were many factors that played in this. because you know he did know. that we expected to act to the mainland united you mean strong i mean acting on the ground if you mean backing the syrian foreign policy that's the key factor there
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there are other factors including the growth in the winds of islam is and radical islam is the event this. also brings with it with you have also believed you know the event with the u.s. secretary the u.s. embassy there in leave you know was also a very big event there are many factors but the number one factor that is determining. this so who is the unity and strength of the. right dr ali mohamad editor in chief of syria tribune online magazine joining us live via broadband thank you for that thank you. well italy is looking for a way out of its election limbo after a hung parliament put europe on tenterhooks and raise fears of fresh financial turmoil of turmoil world stock markets mostly rose on wednesday offsetting jitters they initially suffered no parties won the parliamentary majority the center left
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group secured a narrow victory in the lower house but failed to win the senate former prime minister silvio berlusconi's center right bloc became the second biggest in the upper chamber the results show italian voters strongly reject the austerity policies of mario monti's government if the rival parties can't find a way out of their deadlock they'll have to be another election investment adviser patrick young says a talent uncertainty could prove to be fatal for the eurozone. your group crisis the tell. into the room that nobody was talking about so far this year is back and it's back big time because ultimately fifty seven percent of the tires don't like the idea of a sturdy and they don't really want to do the sorts of things that the european union wants and posed upon them that's causing us a huge problem because ultimately you've got incredible new parties like betty greeley or surf ice storm movement you've got an incredible we have support that came back from mr berlusconi a former prime minister and so bill english and of course not i it plays in the
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worst possible political limbo there's no clear ike right winner there's no clear government it's going to take weeks on end and ultimately markets despise the idea of uncertainty and what they're looking out at the moment is an awful uncertainty because they simply don't know whether it really is going to be a reliable member of the euro zone and if it really is not going to be able to reliable member of the euro zone then there probably is not going to be a euro zone the european union is affectively trying to supported banking industry which has never recovered from the creative mortgage lending excesses of two thousand and seven two thousand and eight and that leaves us with a very delicate position but ultimately should investors lose money because of bad investment decisions well as an investor and advisor i have to say that's what we call capitalism that's what's happened it shouldn't just be a case of the poor people innocent people are forced to suffer incredible austerity a propos of billing i'd investors and bankers. there's been no sign of progress
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following nuclear talks between iran and six world powers tehran faces possibly even more sanctions over allegations its building nuclear weapons something it denies and it's the iranian people suffering most from those matters with a lack of medicine and food the details marti's remain apartment. in an effort to stop tehran's nuclear program western countries have used an arsenal of crippling economic sanctions over the years in the interim america and its allies may have started a widespread medical crisis for the iranian people hundreds of thousands of iranians with serious illnesses such as cancer diabetes and all three of us can't reportedly receive lifesaving medicines because of international sanctions due to banking restrictions imposed by u.s. and european governments companies and hospitals in iran say they are on able to purchase pharmaceuticals from abroad now according to reports an estimated twenty
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three thousand iranians with hiv or aids have had their life saving medication restricted and medicine shortages for splits since specific blood disorders have allegedly resulted in many deaths already i spoke with an iranian american who recently visited iran bringing his grandmother meds for her diabetes and author rightists alex shams told me that the stock of pain relievers he packed was for a hospital the people who are the most vulnerable the people with the most special kind of cancer or. illnesses they're the ones who right now are feeling the pinch the hospital that i brought medicine back there was a cancer hospital and they're right now anticipating that they won't have tylenol in a short in a very short period of time that they're asking people to hoard tylenol and bring it back. unfortunately that's how they're doing with tylenol i can't even begin to imagine what how their stockpiles of cancer medicine are looking right now the
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latest round of u.s. and european sanctions have caused iran's currency to plummet and oil revenue to slash which in turn has pushed up inflation critics say western countries have unleashed catastrophic economic warfare against ordinary iranian citizens so far producing all harm and no good they have weapons of mass destruction. now very very blunt instrument of fuse against nations sanctions the way that they are being propagated by the usa by europe and indeed to a certain degree by the un against iran are really very harmful they don't achieve their objectives that penalizing the only person and i think it is totally unethical and immoral that we have to be very very care about what happens which is why i think a retooling and readjustment of the sanctions in this medical area is is critical
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and within a very short time because as this begins to spiral so too then does the black or. many experts warn that if the u.s. continues leaving a path of sanction destruction against iran the circumstance can manifest into a repeat of iraq in the ninety's marina port ny r.t. new york. squeezed in the middle of a belt tightening brits whose income is being cut from every direction it's the average earners feeling the pain of living costs outstrip workers' wages that's coming up in a few minutes. and road age yes this eight year old girl really is driving at one hundred kilometers an hour in a video that's gone viral and it's got russian police worried details after a break.
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do we speak your language anything about the war not a dance. or music program some documentary some spanish matters to you. a little too much of angola's stories. for you here.
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in troy spanish find out more visit. thank. you watching our t. live from moscow reaching sixteen and here in russia is
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a big moment for most youngsters that's when they can start on the road to getting their driver's license at the age of eighteen but some get a significant head start behind the wheel take a look at this. go to at least one hundred your mother is filming here. and a two year old drive in a car my friend nice to what have fainted and she saw this. contact will posted on social networks. yes you heard correctly that was a girl that girl i should say is taking a top and german car an audi to a hundred kilometers an hour at the ripe old age of eight and in some a shockingly bad parental guidance you can hear as you heard her father encouraging her and her aunt to put the pedal to the metal on a country road or country winter road i should say well the girl's mom and dad posted this video online for the world to see but they soon deleted their social network accounts after police started investigating you do like i said have to be
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eighteen ten more years before that girl should be behind the wheel let's take a look at some other footage that we have of some crazy i think it's fair to say driving in russia in the moscow region this bus driver took his own initiative to punish drivers who cut him off by rear ending them not too many happy people you can see this driver is going to get out and start a bit of a fight he's been in some one hundred or so minor traffic accidents and he's not willing to lay off the brakes if another car causes him off in fact his methods are uniquely ok with the police and he says it's a common misconception that a person who rear ends another car is automatically considered guilty that it would be much worse if he pursued a swerved into another lane or into incoming traffic he hasn't lost his license yet or his job in fact if you're ever in the moscow region watch out for alexei the bus driver. well britain's squeezed middle classes are bearing the brunt of the
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country's struggle struggles to revive its economy a study shows tax hikes are leaving them two hundred eighty pounds a year worse off and more than half of them have no savings to fall back on it means major lifestyle changes for many as artie's sarah firth explains. for a large part of her life liz hoggard has been tapping away at building a life for herself as a freelance journalist she's been part of britain's middle class seeing credit cards pay their mortgages on time and they thrived during being but then came the bust and with the decline of opportunities that were for so long a middle class perk i didn't get a contract we knew because budgets were being cut and so all those little things you have in place you always live slightly on credit you know you go into interest in anticipation get paid quite soon that got much to low incomes coupled with high
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living costs staking fears of a shrinking little in britain is backed up in a report by the resolution foundation think tank it looked into what the future holds the ten million adults in the low to middle income households forecast another decade of hardship well unfortunately it's a bit of a grim prospect prices have risen faster than earnings for quite some time now and what that means is that people. simmer about perhaps a little more but they can't buy as much with it a stark example of this is housing a couple of decades ago you've had to save for a couple of years maybe three or four years to get a deposit on a house if you're a low to middle income first time buyer at the moment you're looking about twenty two years so middle class trimmings like foreign holidays meals out and home improvements are on hold for the time being as lives has found out she's having to
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sell off possessions to pay for essential is like dental treatment there's a few packing up the required. is quite emotional at times and you have a rush of memory and then you think for ten years and probably something really important i can find online has revolutionised but i also think. these books are. my freshman to new ways really inching exhibition catalogues that i bought back in for not very much money just just a normal price and then of course they've become rare as the years go by so in some ways my stocks and shares been sitting on my shelves which i hadn't known about when you look online and i was something that was confronted so there is a sense of well at least i can pay for my newspaper also treating that. you know you have to not be a snob in something you cannot make times it can be hard to keep up with parents says it's why schemes like the one run by the store here in is that approving so
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popular you bring along a designer clothes the clinic's things at the credit which could be in the store. but it was a bit of a for the structure i think where the first person to actually combine the dress exchange element with the charity element and introducing the exchange voucher system rather than buying stock in. that kind of give and take on them as more and more families look for ways to make their money go further the government's being warned that without shared growth britain risks becoming a country of two halves the rich getting richer and the middle classes increasingly losing out meanwhile lives in a generation like a facing up to the reality that the britain's middle class is the next chapter is looking pretty bleak. r.t. london. on t.v.
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and online are two stories cover the world there we have details on america's web weapon it's a computer virus called suck net and aimed at disrupting iran's nuclear research but it has been waiting in the wings long before tehran was accuse of anything you can find out more at archie dot com. was peeping through the iron curtain as torrents to north korea get to tag their pictures and sign tweets from the reclusive country get a glimpse on our website. more news today violence is once again flared up. in these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. showing corporations rule the day.
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download. the creation so choose your life stream quality and enjoy your favorite. if you're away from your television or it just doesn't sit well with your mobile device so you can watch your t.v. anytime anywhere. near world news now from our t.v. first to deadly violence in afghanistan where a row police officer drug and shots of his colleagues with the help of local taliban militants the attack happened at a remote police checkpoint three hundred kilometers south of kabul seven of the dead were new recruits who were still in training hours later
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a taliban suicide bomber detonated his device after getting underneath a boss army personnel in kabul ten people were injured. a fire at an illegal market in the city of calcutta in india has claimed at least a lot eighteen lives and left dozens of others wounded most of the victims were porters working in the six story building for more chemicals and classics were sold toxic gases hampered the rescue efforts by the hundreds of firefighters who attended the early morning blaze an electrical fault is thought to be to blame. a shooting rampage at a factory in switzerland has reportedly left three people dead including the killer seven others were wounded when the attackers struck during breakfast in a canteen at a wood processing plant near the cern souter's identity and motives are not yet known although gun ownership is high in switzerland shooting crimes are very low.
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immigrants all. didn't have to meet acceptance criteria but in israel it's been revealed some women have been forcibly medicated so that they don't become pregnant what's more many of the ethiopian migrants who are of jewish descent were being given the contraceptive without their knowledge despite the drugs hazardous side effects or choose policy or has the story but. when i first arrived at the ground transit camp i got pregnant and i gave birth he told me if you don't take the shots we won't give you a ticket so i took the shot but i didn't know that it would prevent pregnancies i didn't know. but more and more israeli women were becoming suspicious like. who runs a youth center in an ethiopian neighborhood in four years only one child was born here and the alarming statistic in a community where family wealth is counted by the number of children and women
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figures show that the birth rate among ethiopian women in israel has dropped by fifty percent and then well then also the commonwealth in behalf of all i believe a few of the organizations who were bringing in the open immigrants to israel decided to administer a contraceptive to them we don't know who gave the instruction but we do know from what we were told that this treatment began in africa on them and it continued in israel where every three months immigrant ethiopian woman received a shot of the controversial depĂ´t provera contraceptive drug but not that the said we wouldn't take the shot then you can see me great you all get assistance on medical care and if so we wouldn't be able to leave so we were scared we didn't know how things worked in a different country although legal the american food and drug administration has warned that the side effects of this drug could be irreversible but you must understand this was not normal contraception we're talking about contraception that has significant medical and mental effects irregular cycles the journal bleeding
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osteoporosis alongside mental side effects like depression mood swings wage and more and so this is contraception which is not recommended for most women and in fact most women in israel do not use it but two thirds of ethiopian women have been taking it without being informed that they don't have to and now for the first time an israeli official has admitted or thora teeth have been administering a to them in january this year the director general of the health ministry ordered all gynecologists working for a with the health maintenance organizations not to a new any deeper prevail or prescriptions for women originating from ethiopia or for any other woman for whom there is. concern that they do not fully understand the implications of the treatment critics say it stinks of racism i think. that they are don't want poor of black children you can see a lot of friends who were.


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